When you work with KOLgroups, you get access to a team of expert life-science market research consultants, as well as a network of experienced physicians. We gather the information you need to make decisions about innovative drug therapies, medical devices, and laboratory technologies — so you don’t waste time and money.


How we help

KOLgroups collates and analyzes the most valuable market intelligence from leading experts in the healthcare and life science sectors. That way, your decisions are built on trustworthy information.

What we believe

The right information is key. Given the time and money cost of developing new technology and treatments, we believe you should begin with a firm foundation of expert knowledge.

Our culture

Our team is comprised of bright, dedicated people with strong backgrounds in the life sciences. We enjoy collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders and physicians to find the solutions and information your organization needs.


A necessary decision

KOLgroups was founded after we realized the difficulty life science and pharmaceutical companies had with connecting to Key Opinion Leaders and knowledgeable physicians. Despite the speed of telecommunications, life-saving innovations were being hampered by a lack of access to people who had necessary information. So, we sought to open a channel of communication between researchers and physicians who matter.

Key information you can trust

We recruited a team of Thought Leaders and Creative Thinkers who, through their expertise and training, could give companies and researchers a competitive edge in a crowded market. We did so by offering fast, intuitive, and easy solutions to the knowledge gap.

Never work alone

Deciding what to invest in a new treatment or technology. Discovering crucial information to make decisions. Working closely with Key Opinion Leaders in a variety of diverse medical fields, KOLgroups can help you with whatever questions you need answered.

KOLgroups has become a leading professional life-science market research consultancy, and works closely alongside companies that are developing cutting-edge treatments and tech. We are dedicated to providing valuable quantitative and qualitative market research intelligence for the healthcare and life science industries, and we foster long-term relationships with clients all over the globe.

CREATESPACE – A Culture of Outside-the-Box Solutions

When science and creativity meet, value grows. It’s not enough for us to find the answers to your questions. Instead, we seek to help our clients stand hand-and-shoulders above their competition.

To accomplish this, KOLgroups designed CreateSpace, a stage to link the minds of industry thought leaders and to foster new ideas. CreateSpace inspires our people to think differently, to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Go beyond — and find a competitive edge in your sector.


We invite you to tell us more

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