In-Depth Interviews


Skilled Interviewers Keep to Your Objective

Discussions rarely flow in sync with an interview script or questionnaire.  Our consultants are highly trained professionals with medical and scientific backgrounds and they are capable of guiding the interviewee to stay on track, to direct the conversation so it remains on track; that of your objective.

Unlike our team, a consultant without a PhD or MD will not have the ability to conduct a complex in-depth, technical interview.

physician recruitment

Our experts see where key pieces of information fit together to form coherent answersThey can speak the “language” of the specialist who is being questioned and therefore results are of more value to our clients.

It is because KOLgroups values engaging feedback that it has created a team whose expertise can probe a physician’s feelings, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives to bring about fascinating and often new insights.

Brand Equity Assessment.

Designed to optimize brand positioning and develop sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.

brand equity assessment
physician satisfaction

Learning from the Key Drivers of Customer Satisfaction.

We determine the main factors driving client fulfillment and develop innovative products as a response. Such innovations are central to our success of satisfying the needs of key physician user segments.

Market Strategy.

Our skilled life science consultants, PhD decision scientists, and partnering MD consultants can help to elevate brands, increase sales, and deepen relationships with your existing target market base.

market strategy
competitive assessment

Competitive Assessment.

We analyze your current major and minor competitors and identify and report on the methods you can adopt to improve your position, while recognizing barriers central to entry and movement.


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