Titan Medical has just announced the completion of their first preclinical feasibility and validation studies after the successful installion of its single-port robotic system at Florida Hospital Nicholson Centre.

Titan’s SPORT Surgical System is built to perform minimally invasive procedures via a single port or incision. The system includes a workstation which features a display and controllers coupled with a surgeon controlled patient cart. The cart has multi-articulating instruments which are used to perform the surgical procedures.

The CEO of Titan Medical, David McNally, said, “We are thrilled to successfully complete our first preclinical single port robotic procedures within the gynecologic, colorectal and urologic surgical disciplines using a fully-functional SPORT system, on time and on plan. We credit the expertise of the surgeons, along with the professional team at Nicholson Center who worked seamlessly with our product development team to accomplish this milestone within the first week of installation.

He further adds, “Under the expert guidance of renowned surgeons Dr. Ricardo Estape, Dr. Eduardo Parra-Davila and Dr. Vipul Patel, we confirmed the feasibility of single port abdominal robotic surgery with our unique multi-articulated robotic instruments and 3D high-definition visualization in a variety of surgical procedures. This is a significant step forward for Titan Medical and validates our belief that single port robotic surgery holds tremendous potential to improve patient outcomes in gynecologic, colorectal and urologic surgery.”

Dr. Ricardo Estape, a robotic gynecologic oncology surgeon from South Miami Gynecology Oncology Group, said, “The SPORT Surgical System performed beyond my expectations, and I was able to complete a variety of critical surgical tasks with the necessary dexterity and precision through a single incision. The robotic instruments provided the necessary articulation, range of motion and rigidity along with 3D high-definition video on the flat panel monitor that allowed me to complete the surgery in a comfortable posture. This could be a game changer in gynecological surgery.”

A robotic colorectal surgeon at Florida Hospital, Dr. Eduardo Parra-Davila also adds, “Single port surgery without robotic assistance is not easy, and yet it remains highly beneficial because of the desire to have fewer ports. It’s all about robotic articulation delivered through a single incision that allows for the reach, necessary angles, and multi-quadrant access to treat diseases in colorectal surgeries. The SPORT Surgical System has the promise to become a valuable tool for all robotic surgeons looking to do single port surgery in the future.”

Finally, Dr. Vipul Patel, a world-renowned robotic urology surgeon from Global Robotics Institute at Florida Hospital, said, “Although multi-port robotic prostatectomy is currently the standard of care in urology, single port robotic surgery could be the next frontier in urology and other surgical disciplines. It was exciting for me to use Titan Medical’s SPORT system at Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. The technological capabilities of the SPORT system are very encouraging, and the early success in establishing feasibility is an important step in the right direction.”
The robotic surgery market has seen a significant movement in recent months. Several different companies are following the path of Intuitive Surgical who has since received FDA approval for its Dark Vinci Sp single port robot system. Speaking of which, TransEnterix has submitted their AI response to the Food and Drug Administration and more companies in the medical robotics industry are making significant progress in the market against Intuitive. Titan’s progress with SPORT in the United States is a huge achievement, but they still have a long way to go in the quest to secure FDA approval. The good thing is, this initial step is a great milestone towards their goal.