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Need a Panel of Expert Physician Respondents for Your Survey?

KOLgroups has the answer! The solution is our in-house panels team of skilled physicians and medical experts who specialize in forming online surveys. Our team makes it easy to obtain high volume response rates or targeted niche panel recruitment.

We recruit, engage and reward on your behalf.

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Survey Programming – the help you need when you need it.

Imagine having your own technical expert as an extension of your team, how would that feel?  Envisage calling upon the expertise of a life-science PhD and MD consultant as though they were in your own office.  Our team can become your team, making hard to solve problems a thing of the past.

Your Virtual Team – at your command.

KOLgroups not only works with its customers but partners them.  By becoming an extension of your own team, we can design your study, build a physician panel to suit your needs, program an effective online survey and run your healthcare market research project.  And if we could drink your coffee, we would do that too!

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Data Sculpting: Shaping the way forward.

Information is not always useful, it must be molded and shaped into something worthwhile. The beauty of our data is that we see it through your eyes and carve it into something of meaning, where you can quickly get at the figures you need.

Online survey data is only as good as the decisions it enables you to make. Our specialist team of data artisans bring sense to the statistics and present them into a single customized dashboard where conclusions can be easily made and implemented.

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