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Phone Interviews

Refine and develop your innovative tech projects.
Or get the answers you need fast.

What do you do when…

You need answers fast. But you can’t get to a meeting in person. You have to conduct market research over a wide geographic area — maybe even globally — but you’re not sure how to do that. You need multiple points of view from a large and varied set of qualified physicians.

What do you do?

We will arrange telephone interviews with the people you need and provide the answers you want…all by your own deadlines.

More then just a phone

Product development teams and healthcare research companies around the country trust our innovative phone interview system. Here’s why.

Don’t Call Us. We’ll Call You.

Our call scheduling system means we dial out to you at the right time. No need for dial-ins or special PIN codes. You are also welcome to join the phone interviews yourself, if you wish. Guests may be invited to join mid-call if they cannot make the conference call on time without a problem.

Interview Transcription

Our trained medical transcriptionists are experienced with transcribing the information you need, from the most complex healthcare market research studies to basic correspondence reports. Our fast and accurate speech-to-text services are trusted by physician practices, hospitals and clinics alike.

Free Call Recording

Listen back to important phone conversations for greater clarity. We provide free MP3 files to play back your saved conferences.

No PINs Required

Don’t worry about forgetting a PIN or hard-to-remember encrypted access codes when you work with us. For a seamless experience, we provide a private contact number just for you. It’s all you need to get started.

Share Documents Online

Easily share files from your computer to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote for seamless data distribution between you and your chosen contacts. It’s easy, simple, and secure.

Advantages of Tele-depth

Phone interviews are cheaper and easier to conduct than in-person interviews

TDIs allow research to be conducted over a wider geographical area or globally

Multiple points of view can be gathered quickly and easily from a wide variety of varied physicians

A controlled market research environment minimizes variability among study participants

You Are a…

Pharmaceutical or
medical device company?

And need to develop a marketing strategy?

Healthcare consultant
or medical market
research agency?

And need someone reliable to partner with?