Day after day, new life-saving innovations keep seeing the light of the day with the sole purpose of making our lives easier, and healthier. Push Doctor is one of the many start-ups that aims to help people manage their health digitally. For the most part, Push Doctor is a UK based startup that gives people the opportunity to book a video consultation with a doctor right from the comfort of their homes — all this can be done through their app.

The healthcare company which was founded in 2013 has raised $26.1 million in Series B funding after a successful seed funding (Series A) of $8.2 million. Key investors in this round include Accelerated Digital Ventures and Draper Esprit. Other investors who participated include Partech Ventures, European VCs Oxford Capital, and Seventure Partners. The overall funding for Push Doctor as we speak is over $37.5 million.

Push Doctor is among the growing number of telemedicine services that gives you the chance to get in touch with a qualified general practitioner in real-time. You’ll get to book an appointment and receive life-saving consultation via a video call that’s powered by the app. The good thing is, Push Doctor is now looking to go beyond telemedicine to become a broader digital health service and app that covers different aspects of human health.

For the most part, Push Doctor provides access to its network of qualified GPs who work in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service — users can be sure of receiving the best consultation for their health needs. The Push Doctor app can also provide you with doctor referrals to other professional healthcare specialists. It can also issue prescriptions and help you manage recurrent prescriptions.

The Co-founder and CEO of Push Doctor, Eren Ozagir has emphasized how the app can use the plethora of user data to offer better digital health applications. This data ambitions will be made possible by having a better understanding of specific health needs and trends via the consultations the app offers to patients. The goal is to provide patients with interactive content, so they’ll be able to manage both long and short term health conditions on their own.

According to Ozagir “No one before Push Doctor has provided consumers with access to a single digital health platform that combines responsive medicine and chronic condition management as well as fitness and nutritional conditioning.”

The thing is, there are still other start-ups that are looking to take a more holistic approach to healthcare delivery in real-time. One of such companies is Babylon — this particular startup connects to user’s fitness and nutrition data, and they could be considered as one of the top competitors of Push Doctor.

Ada Health is yet another AI-powered telemedicine service that provides users with text-based consultations to help them figure out the symptoms of their illness and offer information on what might be the cause. Your.MD is another app that can be seen as an AI powered healthcare information service or a futuristic healthcare search engine. The app works by detecting what is wrong with you and redirecting you to a qualified digital health service or app like Push Doctor, especially if it finds that you need consultation with a doctor — what could be better?