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Physician Recruitment. In-Depth Interviews. Quantitative Surveys.
Data and Insights From the Right Respondents, Without the Guesswork

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Healthcare Market Research is Only as Good as the
Quality of its Respondents

That’s why you need opinions you can trust. Insights you can count on. And real feedback from the very people who will actually use your medical device or pharma product to impact the lives of their patients.

We’ll help you avoid wasting precious time, money and resources on bad fits, poor matches and low-quality respondents – so that you walk away feeling confident about the next steps you need to take for your product development efforts.



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Interviews with KOLs, Physicians and HCPs Conducted



New Therapies and Devices Evaluated

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How We Help Healthcare Companies Reach Their Full Potential

Service doctor
Physician Recruitment
For a competitive advantage in medtech, get opinions of those who really matter like physicians, nurses, payers, and patients.
Service interview
In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
IDIs help to analyze and explore perception, attitude, and respondent behavior to a particular idea or concept.
Service qualitative research
Quantitative Online Surveys
A quick, easy way to gather quantitative data from a wide variety and large number of healthcare respondents.

Physician Recruitment

Your medical device is too important to rely on just anyone’s feedback. You need the right medical experts, specialists and patients – because your research is only as good as the people you use for it.

  • In-house network of 2 Million+ healthcare providers
  • Access to payers, clinicians, and healthcare decision-makers in all key geographic markets
  • All respondents are personally vetted and screened in-house – meaning you only get the best of the best.

The end result? Quality feedback from the people who will actually use and benefit from your product. Because this is what lets you make decisions that you and your whole team feel great about.

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In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

When it comes to entering a market and maximizing the adoption of your medtech or pharma product, you can’t afford to rely on guesswork. We’re here to cut away the confusion so that your next steps become clear as day.

  • In-Person Interviews with physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Phone Interviews (Tele-depth) with audio recording and transcription
  • Focus group discussions and on-site, in-hospital ethnography studies

Go from concept to launch, stay ahead of the competition and reach your full commercial potential with full clarity and confidence. Our data-backed strategy and extensive healthcare industry experience helps you eliminate guesswork and move at full speed ahead.

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Quantitative Online Surveys

The wrong kind of research can set you back years. That’s why we arm you with quality data that paints a clear picture of what your next steps are. Our time-tested quantitative research methods will get you confidently heading in the right direction.

  • Survey design, programming, and optimization for exceptional data quality
  • Survey recruiting, hosting, launch, and data collection
  • Focus group discussions and on-site, in-hospital ethnography studies

Whether you’re trying to reduce your development time, speed up your approval from the FDA, or launch a new product your market share, you’ll get the answers you need to know you’re making the right choices that move you forward.

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Over 20 Years Helping Medical Device and Pharma Companies Make Better Decisions

We Work with You as a Partner

We’re not fans of outsourcing important work or trying to cut corners. Instead, our approach is focused on building real relationships with our clients and going the extra mile to help you get the outcome you want.

We’re dedicated to working closely with you to understand your product, your situation, and your goals – because this is what leads to real answers and real results.

We’re Focused in the Healthcare Sector

When it comes to a executing on healthcare market research plan you can rely on to move your company forward, you need people who know from experience the importance of your work and your objectives.

That’s why we have an team of experienced MD physicians and PhD scientists with comprehensive backgrounds in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biomedical industries, and expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas and medical specialties.

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