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KOLgroups provides strategic market research and competitive intelligence services

We excel at providing medical device and pharmaceutical clients with custom qualitative and quantitative research and high-level strategic analysis.

Discover New Market Opportunities in Healthcare

Identify, measure, segment, and capture market growth opportunities to support a go-to-market strategy.

Uncover Physician Feedback and Insights

Discover wants, opinions, key decision-drivers and unmet needs, and gather insights for new or second-generation product development.

Take your Product from Concept to Launch

Well-planned and executed human factor usability testing for reduce development time, speed up device design and prototyping.

Healthcare Market Research

Medical Device Consulting

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Therapeutic Areas of Expertise
New Therapies and Devices Evaluated
Interviews with KOLs, Physicians, and HCPs

What Our Clients Say

“A phenomenal team I would recommend to anyone looking for actionable market and customer insights in healthcare. Our go-to market research partner.”

DAVE A., SENIOR CONSULTANT, Market Edge, Wilmington, DE

“KOLgroups is a trustworthy partner for our healthcare market research projects.  We have partnered with KOLgroups quite a few times and I count on them for our TDI/IDI needs.”

SANJEEV D., SENIOR DIRECTOR, Reason Research, Philadelphia, PA

“From 0 to 11 qualified respondents in 2 days! Crazy! I just can’t thank you enough for saving our research! We are thinking Boston in November for more research!”

CARRIE S., DIRECTOR, Just Worldwide, Guildford, UK

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