Physician Recruitment For Market Research Based on Science, Not Guesswork.

Reach the Right Experts. Get the Right Answers. Gain a Better Understanding of Your Target Market and Its Unmet Needs.

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Access to 2 Million+
HCP Profiles

Strict Quality
Screening & Vetting

Recruitment Support


Your Research Is Only As Good As The Respondents You Use For It.

That’s why you need opinions you can trust. Insights you can count on. And real feedback from the very people who are the influencers in your healthcare market segment.

We’ll help you avoid wasting precious time, money and resources on bad fits, poor matches and low-quality respondents – so that you walk away feeling confident about the data and insights received and the next steps you need to take for your product development.

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Our Network of 2 Million+ Healthcare Practitioners Connects
you With the Right Experts For Your Situation.

We know you don’t want just anyone for your research – but the opinions of those who matter and have the most influence and clout in your industry or therapeutic area.

Take advantage of our extensive network panel and premium relationships in the healthcare field to “zero-in” on the right people with the most valuable insights for your medical device or pharma product. We’ll connect you with:

  • Industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and thought leaders
  • Access to physicians, payers, and clinicians in all key geographic markets

  • Key Decision-makers in doctors offices, hospitals, pharmacies, DSOs, and other healthcare settings
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Our network

Our In-Depth Process Covers You From Start To Finish.

Getting outstanding results from your research doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing or complicated. We’ll cover every
step of the recruitment process so that you can focus on making your medical device the best it can possibly be.



Determine target physican population
and inclusion criteria



Qualify potential participants via
online survey



Confirm time / Date and set up



Don’t call us. We’ll call you. Stay on
schedule and never worry about dialing in



Mp3 audio recording and transcription of all interviews

Follow Up & Payment

Thank all participants, process and
send honorarium payments

Quality Matters. So We Take All The Extra Steps To Guarantee It.

The respondents you use can make or break your research. And asking the “wrong” questions to the “wrong” experts can set your research and product development back years. That’s why we combine our team of PhD and MD market research consultants with our specialized recruitment process to get you high-quality respondents who meet your exact study specifications. Because the right people and the right questions is what leads to real results.

We Provide You With:

Direct Access to Key Opinion Leaders in the Healthcare Industry

Recruitment of the Best Physicians for Healthcare Market Research

A Panel of Medical Specialists for Survey Data Collection

Call Recording, Secure Online Document Sharing & Interview Transcriptions

Comprehensive Quantitative & Qualitative Research Results (Surveys & Virtual/Phone/In-Person Interviews)

Insights, Opinions and Feedback to help you make the right decisions for your product development

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