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Quickly Get In Touch With the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Physicians You Need

Trusted Hands

You will only hear opinions from respected, experienced, and influential physicians offering high-quality, relevant work. Collaborating with the best in the industry means your research and product development are safe.

No Guesswork

Talking to the “wrong” experts can set your research and product development back years. Avoid misinformation and misunderstanding — let our expert consultants in life science and healthcare take the lead. After all, mistakes come at a high price.

Modern Methods

Qualitative In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs) give you one-on-one access to industry expertise quickly and cost-effectively. No matter your challenges or questions, our consultants will work with experts to find the answers you need.

We Provide You With

  • Direct 1-On-1 Access To Key Opinion Leaders and Experts in Pharmaceuticals and Medtech
  • Recruitment and Connection With Top Physicians and HCPs for Healthcare Research
  • Expert Life Science and Medical Consultants Trained in Conducting Online Surveys and Phone Interviews
  • Call Recording, Secure Online Document Services, and Interview Moderation And Transcription

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Our Services

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Our trained consultants have PhDs and MDs in life science and medical backgrounds. They’re experts at probing physicians’ thoughts on your behalf during In-Depth Interviews.

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Physician Recruitment

Our innovative, technology-based research process quickly connects you with trusted KOLs and physicians who work in your field.

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Online Surveys

Our online survey platform is adapted to healthcare and medical market research. Get beautiful data with clean, format-friendly visualization.

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Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs)

Get pharmaceutical insights efficiently and cost-effectively with TDIs. Our consultants will provide keen insights into physician opinions and the healthcare market.

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