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Developing a Pharmaceutical
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Look no Further! KOLgroups Will Get Answers
From Those Who Really Matter

Are you a healthcare
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or agency?

Look no Further! KOLgroups Will Get Answers
From Those Who Really Matter

In Depth




How It Works


Contact Initiation

Once you get in contact with us through our website or some other way, one of our team members will reach you in order to gather necessary information about the product that will help us prepare process within our system.


Product Analysis

After we get all information from you and initial interview, we will analyse the product in order to prepare set of questions that we will use during interviews with medical personnel or patients from our database.



After reviewal all interviews, our system will analyza data and pack information in clean and easy-to-follow way so you can have your data readable.


Data Feed Plan

You can always choose in between continuos research data feeds with one of our monthly plans or you can pick one-time data analysis.


Doctors, physicians, and Nurses
in our In-House Database


Medical Device and
Pharmaceutical projects
we’ve done so far


Patients, decision-makers and
other HCPs in our direct network

Why Us?

Trusted Hands

Our team works exclusively with respected, experienced, and influential physicians and healthcare professionals with the highest level of experience and expertise. By collaborating with the best in the industry, your project is safe with us to deliver results that are valid and trustworthy.

No Guesswork

Talking to the “wrong” experts or asking the “wrong” questions can set your research and product development back years. Avoid misinformation and misunderstanding — let our expert life science and healthcare consultants take the lead. After all, heading in the wrong direction comes at a high price.

Modern Methods

Qualitative In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs) conducted by our team of moderators provide direct access to industry expertise quickly and cost-effectively. No matter your challenges or questions, our consultants will work to find the answers you need.

We Provide You With

  • A Team of Life Science Consultants and Key Opinion Leaders in All Areas of Expertise
  • Full-service Market Research in Pharma, Medical Devices, and Biotech Industries
  • Research Design, Recruitment, Execution, Data Collection, and Reporting
  • Disease, Condition, & Chronic Illness-Focused Interviews and Discussion Group

KOLgroups is a trustworthy partner to recruit physicians for healthcare market research. We have a first hand experience of them successfully delivering on difficult and challenging TDI/IDI recruitment of KOLs/physicians. We have partnered with KOLgroups quite a few times and I count on them for our TDI/IDI needs.

Sanjeev D., Senior Director, Reason Research, Philadelphia, PA

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