We’re Here To Help Your Medical Device or Therapy Become A Success Story

Our mission is to ensure your medical device becomes successful, profitable, and life-changing for those who use it. We’re dedicated to helping you make the critical decisions that lead to these outcomes.

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We Understand the Importance of Your Healthcare Market Research

Whether you’re already in the market, seeking FDA approval, or still in the planning stages, we know that generic research won’t suffice when the success of your pharma or medtech product is on the line.

That’s why we specialize in the healthcare and medical device sectors.  Our experienced team of PhD scientists and medical physicians has a comprehensive background in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biomedical industries. We’ll help you navigate regulations, requirements, and the marketing environment, ensuring you get it right the first time.

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Our Team of Researchers and Consultants

Director, Consultant

Craig W. Stropkay, PhD

Serving as Director and Life Science Market Research Consultant, Craig focuses primarily on leading projects involving benchmarking, clinical strategy, pharmaceutical pipeline assessment, and value-driven clinical asset due diligence.

Managing Director

Allyson Grey, MEd

Allyson serves as Senior Life Science Market Research Consultant and leads our primary market research projects. She has experience managing projects involving assessments, strategy development, and clinical staff recruitment.

Alec Pettifer

Life Science Consultant

Alec Pettifer

Alec joined KOLGroups to use direct stakeholder engagement to optimize life sciences product development and marketing. Alec leverages 20+ years’ experience using proven methods to deliver actionable insights.

Senior Project Manager

Alex Davidovska, MBA

Alex is our project manager for our primary market research. She holds an international business degree and extensive experience with organizational development and consulting services to physicians and hospital executives.

Chief Survey Engineer

Alroy Royal

Alroy has over 10 years of quantitative analysis experience and is extremely well-versed in research survey design and analysis. He is focused on quantitative research and leads all of our survey design, methodology, and development.


Life Science Consultant

Colin Willard, PhD

Colin has over ten years experience working with life science companies as a consultant after spending five years in the bio-pharmaceutical industry supporting portfolio optimization and business unit strategic planning.

Better Decisions. Better Relationships.  Better Outcomes.

What You Can Expect From Us:


We go the extra mile to treat your medical device and situation with the importance it deserves. From the moment you contact us to the months following our engagement, you can expect us to roll up our sleeves and stay hands-on throughout every step of the process.

We understand that every company and situation is unique, so we stay flexible and accommodate your specific needs. This approach ensures a win-win for everyone involved.


As a medical device company, you already have your hands full. Our goal is to make your life easier by stripping away the confusion, complexity, and chaos of a complicated industry. We provide clear, actionable answers that make your next steps easy and obvious.

We believe that the easier it is to understand information, the more useful it is. We communicate clearly and fill in the blanks for you, ensuring you’re always up to speed.


Forming personal relationships is not optional for us; it is essential to achieving great outcomes. We work tirelessly to understand your needs, product, and situation, serving not just as a vendor but as a partner and trusted advisor.

This focus on forming intimate and long-term relationships with our clients leads to results, breakthroughs, and a great experience for everyone involved.

How We Help:

End-to-End Healthcare Market Research Services: We provide comprehensive support to help your medical device launch successfully, stand out in the market, and ultimately succeed.

Expert Recruitment: We recruit Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), physicians, nurses, and payers from our vetted network of healthcare professionals, ensuring your research is fueled by insights your entire team can rely on.

Product Development Consulting for Medtech and Pharma: Our consulting services help accelerate your development time, streamline FDA approval, and guide you from concept to finished product.

Why Choose Us?

Winning Strategy

You’re in Trusted Hands

We believe that quality people lead to quality results. That’s why we only work with and recruit the best of the best for our engagements. Our network includes respected, experienced, and influential physicians and healthcare professionals whose opinions carry significant weight in the industry.

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We Remove the Guesswork

The last thing you want from your research is more questions and fewer answers. We guide you from uncertainty to clarity, ensuring you know exactly what decisions to make for your medtech or pharma therapy to succeed. This helps you avoid wasting time, money, and resources by heading in the wrong direction.

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Winning Strategy
Winning Strategy

We Use Modern Methods

Our research methods are carefully designed and continuously refined to deliver top industry expertise right to your fingertips. From qualitative In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) to Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs) and Online Surveys, we provide answers to your most pressing questions and challenges in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

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We Provide You With:

Access to Our Panel of Medical Specialists: Comprehensive services including research design, recruitment, execution, data collection, and reporting.

Expert Team: Life science consultants and Key Opinion Leaders with expertise in over 75 therapeutic areas.

Full-Service Market Research: Specialized in the pharma, medical device, and biotech industries.

Focused Interviews and Discussion Groups: In-depth sessions centered on diseases, conditions, and chronic illnesses.

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Need Help With Your Healthcare Research Project?

Connect with the right physicians and medical experts to obtain the essential opinions you need. We eliminate the confusion, uncertainty, and chaos that often accompany healthcare market research, ensuring you get clear and actionable insights.

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