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We believe in the power of long-term relationships. Our team of life science market research consultants and network of physicians are experienced in a range of fields with knowledge of innovative drug therapies, medical devices, and laboratory technologies. Find out more about what it’s like to work with the KOLgroups core team and our KOL and physician partners.

How we help

KOLgroups is a professional life science market research consultancy. We are dedicated to collating and analyzing the most valuable market intelligence from leading experts in the healthcare and life science sectors…

What we believe

At KOLgroups, we strive to maintain a culture of openness and autonomy. That means empowering our team members to be a hands-on contributor and creating a place where ideas and opinions are shared effectively…

Our culture

We are committed to providing the highest quality of creative insight and we work with some of the brightest, most dedicated and innovative thinkers with strong backgrounds in medicine and the life sciences…


A decision based on necessity

KOLgroups was founded after recognizing the difficulty life science and pharmaceutical companies had communicating with industry leaders and gathering reliable market research data to make sound decisions.  We felt that this was a tragedy of our times; that life-saving and life-changing therapies and medical technology and were being hampered by a lack of availability to those who had the experience and knowledge to provide answers.  We sought to change this.

Helping you make key decisions

We succeeded in putting together a phenomenal team of Thought Leaders & Creative Thinkers who could not only meet the challenges of 21st Century healthcare but go beyond them and give our clients a competitive advantage in an overcrowded market.  We saw how this could allow us to help industry innovators who could support those need.

You need not work alone

Whatever challenges you face, we have the right team of experts to come through for you.  Made up of leaders in their specific fields, our diverse team works to ensure you succeed, where others might fail.

KOLgroups has grown to become a leading professional life-science market research consultancy.  We are dedicated to providing valuable quantitative and qualitative market research intelligence for the healthcare and life science industries and to be the long-term “go-to” research partner for our clients.

CREATESPACE – A Culture of Outside the Box Solutions

It is not enough to simply find answers to your questions, we also seek to provide competitive advantage, to help you stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors.  To this end, KOLgroups designed CreateSpace; the stage for open dialogue to link the minds of industry thought leaders and to foster new ideas.  CreateSpace inspires our people to think differently, to push the boundaries of what was thought possible.  This is our service to our clients and we want to help you find your competitive advantage in your chosen sector.


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