Today, addicts experiencing symptoms of kicking opioids have a reason to smile thanks to a percutaneous nerve field simulator device from Innovative Health Solutions.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given a regulatory nod to the first device that aids the reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms. The device is known as the NSS-2 Bridge.

The NSS-2 Bridge is a small electrical nerve simulator which adheres to the skin behind the ear — it emits electrical current to stimulate branches of some cranial nerves which may reduce the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal including agitation, sweating, insomnia, gastrointestinal upset and joint pain. It’s important to note that the device was approved by the FDA back in 2014 for use in acupuncture. However, the most recent approval went through the de novo review process aimed at uniquely new low to moderate risk technologies.

The FDA’s decision was based on a single-arm clinical study of up to 73 patients experiencing physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The study estimated patients’ clinical opiate withdrawal scale (COWS) score, which happens to be a clinical assessment carried out by a physician to measure opioid withdrawal symptoms. For the most part, COWS typically scores in the 0 to 36+ range — higher numbers signify the severity of the withdrawal symptoms to a patient.
Prior to using the NSS-2 Bridge, all patients had an average clinical opiate withdrawal scale score of 20.1. In the course of using the device, the patients reported a reduction in the COWS scores by 31% just within 30 minutes of activating the therapy. Also, up to 88% of the subjects, that’s 64 of the 73 patients switched to medication-assisted therapy after five days of using Innovative Health Solutions’ NSS-2 Bridge.

Note: The NSS-2 Bridge must be used with a prescription and is not recommended for patients suffering from psoriasis or hemophilia.