Talk to Physician Key Opinion Leaders

Discover the answers you need before you invest time and money. Our physicians answer your questions about the healthcare industry and provide accurate feedback.

KOLgroups’ time-tested and proven recruitment process helps you find the ideal research respondents available for your project. Our rigorous screening and validation ensure you get the right experts the first time.


Online Surveys

Need a panel of physician respondents to get quantitative data fast?

KOLgroups has the solution. With our in-house expert physicians and trusted network of medical specialists, we make it easy to obtain high volume response rates or targeted niche panel recruitment for your online survey.


In-Depth Interviews

Get the information you need — before making a commitment to funding and time.

Our In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) let you gauge perception, explore an idea with a medical professional in strict confidence, or get advice from a specialist about a specific challenge.

With a team of trained life science consultants, we are able to discover the information you need from Key Opinion Leaders and physicians. Our qualitative data collection explores perception, attitude, and behavior, to help you make the right decision the first time.


Phone Interviews

Get the answers you need quickly by connecting to respondents over a large geographical area. Collect data fast with a large number of respondents.

We will conduct tele-depth interviews by phone to quickly establish primary research results. Our team of life-science experts is available to carry out quick and cost-effective research on your behalf.